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A unique collection of floral prints  | Grown with love in Boulder, Colorado
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Flowers...everyone loves 'em!


Whether you're giving them or getting them, or just admiring them, flowers create joy and fascination.

For centuries, people have been writing about them, singing about them, painting them and photographing them. People grow them, and decorate their homes and gardens with them. 


In the Victorian era, flowers were given as thoughtful gifts that conveyed a subtle message according to the type of flowers in the fragrant bouquet.

What is The Constant Garden?


The Constant Garden is a series of ready to hang, premium gallery-wrapped canvas glicée prints, each featuring a different gorgeous bloom.

Celebrate your love of one, buy a few, buy a bunch! And because they're collectible, they make great gifts that can grow into a stunning custom display for that special someone, by adding a new print to their collection for birthdays, holidays, or "just because" days.  And, of course, don't forget to buy some for your self!

Anatomy of a print...

Each print in The Constant Garden collection features a stunning flower in all its glory! The distinctive background that pulls all the prints together as a collection was created from an original oil painting, designed to highlight the infinite hues of your favorite blooms. 


The prints also feature the popular or common name of the flower, followed by the Latin botanical classification and selelcted Victorian meanings associated with each flower. Keep in mind, there are many diversemeanings reflecting different cultures and eras!  

The canvas giclée prints are expertly stretched over heavy duty stretcher bars, beautifully finished on both front and back.  You can also choose to order your prints matted and framed.  Enjoy!

Discover all the ways you can arrange your beautiful blooms...
Display a single favorite flower!
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